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Aashwastha Shushrusha Kendra, is a 26 years old hospice and palliative care center in Nagpur.Calling it a center is indeed unjust. It is not a center but a home away from home. As the name goes, Aashwastha is that unique abode for people suffering from ailments like neurological disorders, Cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimers, Arthritis and all other problems related to old age.

Aashwastha is a home for ailing people. We are a big family who cares for each other deeply. It is this passion that makes us stand out from the rest. Our team is filled with three generations of highly capable and experienced individuals who are deeply committed to the cause of serving people.

Aashwastha, as the name and the logo, means stand for the Peepal tree (Hindu name) which gives shelter to one and all. One can see the lady with a small baby on one side of the tree whereas there is an old man on the other. They have come a long way by treating, caring and palliating many who have no one to do so! 

And the credit goes to the founder Smt Sunanda Patrikar.

No plush offices, no lobbies, no waiting area and no puzzling formalities! This warm place comprises of only 11 beds, clean rooms, one kitchen and a small dedicated corner of prayers. They don’t have huge staff but a part-time cook, and a maid. It is Sunanda tai, herself, her daughter Rajlakshmi and Master Vaibhav, her grandson, who personally care for the patients which makes it a place like no other.

Our Services


We offer our help for patients with the following disorders

Neurological Disorders

These are the diseases which occur due to disorders of the nervous system. The central nervous system which majorly includes the brain and the spinal cord, and the peripheral one which includes nerves.These are either caused due to structural abnormalities or biochemical ones. Stroke, Epilepsy, Alzheimer, Parkinson are some of the examples of this disorder.

Cancer Patients

Cancer can be treated if diagnosed beforehand. Aashwastha believes in the power of prayers and care. People break mentally when they are diagnosed with this dreadful disease. Smt Sunanda with her Midas touch has a secret power to heal the minds which eventually may help in curing the disease. If your immediate family stays abroad then we are on a call away any time to extend any physical help and mental support.

Old Age illnesses

Children these days stay abroad or away from their parents. Parents need support. Old age has its own limitations. Sunanda tai extends her motherly care to everyone, young or old. And Vaibhav becomes a father at times of the elderly. After all, they are determined to bring to the people the gentle care they miss in old age. Medicines are reminded of the patients here. Aashwastha keeps the guardians well- informed of the daily routine and progress of the patients.


Bedridden patients

Aashwastha is passionate to serve bed-ridden patients. If you have none to look after your bed-ridden parents, dial us for their care. If someone has bed-sores or likes, the dressing is done with the skill of an expert. The humble Sunanda tai and the team are on beck and call of all these patients. Food is served diligently and many times food is custom made for them. Several patients who were lying in bed for several years have found Aashwastha very assuring and promising.

Physically Disabled

Aashwastha was started with this mission in mind to help the physically challenged and it still continues the same. Aashwastha has grown up matured with every single patient it treated! They are for people who have none at home to give them the physical help owing to the metropolitan life. Many NRI children have handed over the responsibility of their physically disabled parents to them. Likewise, several small children who are specially abled find proper conditioning here.  

Mentally challenged

Aashwastha has a new facility coming up in the area called Jam, suburbs of Nagpur. The sole reason behind this initiative is to take care of the mentally challenged people with ease and not under the constant demoralization by the neighbors. This difficult task of being with these people is done like a pro by Aashwastha. after all they are strong enough for such tasks.  These patients demand a lot of physical energy and mental strength. Aashwastha is capable of handling such patients and treating them well.

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“What do you think is different here?” We ask.

“She looks after her patients like a mother. Even bathes them daily herself.

For the first time my sister feels cared for and valued, so she must be cooperating.”

“When a mother looks after her own child it is an easier task and comes naturally. When

You have to be a mother to strangers who are as old as you, or even older, that is impossible.

But she does it!” Says her son in law with reverence.

Sunita Mudaliar

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Aashwastha Shushrusha Kendra

196, Nelco Housing Society,

Subhash Nagar, Nagpur-440022