Aashwastha is a brainchild of Smt.Sunanda Patrikar. Her younger brother age (2 years), who was diagnosed with Polio, has inspired her to plant a sapling of this center which has now grown multifold to this huge tree. Aashwastha has handheld 1000+ patients in its journey towards care, health and love.

Her parents and she had to sacrifice their lives for her physically challenged brother, who was otherwise a semi-government employee, was married and had children. It was this moment which changed her life and the seeds of care-“Shushrusha” as they call in the Marathi language were sown in her mind.

After her marriage, it was her father-in-law who supported her dream and also helped her financially to

erect what is now a big center and is also a trust. As destiny would have it, her only son-in-law Mr. Vasantrao Dhumal was amongst the very first of those patients who were taken care of after a bad accident, at this center.

Now, we can see three generations of the family come together and extend their hospice to the needful at Aashwastha.

They are three in number but they have been working dedicatedly, since years together for the betterment of the patients.

Our Team of Three

Ms Sunanda V. Patrikar-

Founder as she is, she has also taken up Astrology after her renowned Astrologer father-in-law. Clad in simple saree, she wears this pious tulasi mala. Ofocurse her undeterred faith in the Higher Him has culminated her dream into reality. She is a leading by example. Poised as she is for her aim of service and care, she exhibits the calmeth of a saint. Her smile enlightened the lives of many.

Vaibhav Dhumal

A 24-year-old youngster, as he is, he becomes the father of the patients at the center. He is “the Star” of Aashwastha. A  silent person by nature he has his rough side if someone rubs his shoulders. He is of immense value to the organization. He is currently pursuing law and he looks after all the ifs and buts of the hospice. He has a matured aura around him. He is one multitasker and is the closest to Sunanda tai as also all the patients.

Ms. Rajlakshmi Dhumal

A volunteer of her type is rare. Her patient attitude and pleasant behavior bring charm to Aashwastha. She is those essential and only pillars who have made Aashwastha what it is today. When not in the center she is often seen on social media

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